Is the new water with osmosis filter/ water filters provide refreshing, healthy and pure drinking water. The water flat rate for home and office. 👍 freundliche Frau trinkt aus einem Wasserglas

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How clear water flows from your mini waterworks every day, light and fresh, from a spring

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Top quality drinking water

The quality of our drinking water is currently being discussed more and more frequently. Media of all types are focusing more and more on the questions:
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Drink unpolluted ground & deep water
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Drinking water free of lime, chlorine and heavy metals
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filter nitrite, nitrate, glyphosate and other pesticides from your water
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Tap water free from hormones, antibiotics, drug and cleaning agent residues

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Mini waterworks
You too can enjoy drinking pure, clear and healthy drinking water every day. And the home within your four walls.
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Hydrogenic systems
Hydrogenized water, known as “hydrogen water,” has been extremely popular in Japan for decades. An additional hydrogen molecule (H2) is stored in this water by means of a chemical reaction.
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Airfrisch by Vorschaubild
Airfrisch air filter
The Airfrisch — anti-bacteria and anti-virus composite filter helps to reliably improve your air quality.
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filtering you poisonous and harmful If you wantsubstances from your Tap water!

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frisches Trinkwasser von wird in ein Glas gefüllt freundliche Frau trinkt aus einem Wasserglas
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Your reliable partner

Waterlife is your experienced and reliable partner when it comes to the increasingly frequently asked question “How can your drinking water from the tap taste refreshing every new day and, thanks to its purity, with a clear, natural taste as the number one means of transport in your human body, supply your body cells quickly and optimally with the essential nutrients and thus increase your vitality and well-being.

Our solution with ecological and economic sustainability

Membrane filtration systems
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